We are a global collective of award winning talent that share one common attitude – create the box, don’t work within it.


We are a collective spread across continents and cultures. Our favourite kink is creating content that transgresses borders and breaks stereotypical boundaries. We believe that the era of global universal messages has come to its end, the time has come to discover the beautiful diversity of our habitat through sharing interesting stories from humans and non-humans of this planet. A powerful way of understanding a stranger is to step into their shoes.


Transmedia storytelling is a new technique of telling a single story across multiple platforms and formats utilising the most relevant digital technologies. It allows audiences to have a much deeper engagement with the story by discovering rabbit holes along the way and delving into them at their own convenience. For the producer it means a better understanding of their audiences, a following that is engaged outside of seasons and release dates, and a wide variety of auxiliary revenue streams.

Bernie Su is one of the most celebrated transmedia storytellers. He has a track record of creating Emmy Award winning shows in the field and is consistently pioneering in the use of new digital platforms. He’s our driving force in this kind of groundbreaking content.


Interactive storytelling is a form of digital entertainment in which the storyline is not predetermined. The author creates the setting, characters, and situation which the narrative must address, but the user experiences a unique story based on their interactions with the story world.

Topaz Adizes has taken interactive storytelling to a whole new level. His digital shows have won him an Emmy, World Press Photo Awards and an abundance of other awards. Topaz’s incredible sensitivity has allowed him to build a narrative that is successful across a variety of formats, {The And} is a digital show, a live show and a card game. He is our champion for Interactive Storytelling.


Immersive entertainment is a presentational or theatrical form or work that breaks the “fourth wall” that traditionally separates the performer from the audience both physically and verbally. It is also a field that is having a lot of momentum today with Moscow being one of the epicentres of demand for such experiences. The challenge of the format though is making a performance truly interactive, rather than playing a detached classical story around the audience. There are a few directors internationally that know how to achieve this interaction, some through building intimate one-on-one concepts where the viewer is in the middle of the performance (great for emotional involvement, limited in narrative), others building giant sets with hundreds of actors and the world they live in (amazing narratives achieved, not engaging emotionally).

Sean Rogg is the mastermind behind Waldorf Project, a study into immersive entertainment. His latest chapter (Futuro) blew the critics away with the emotional narrative carefully tailored to decondition the 40 audience members involved. He is a visionary creating experiences today that will be mainstream 10 years later.